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A decade after its launch, Glamour blogger Phoebe Jay Manuel Naked claimed the "seemingly immortal" series would withstand the apocalypse alongside "cockroaches and Cher" - and that might actually be true. Long from now, aliens discovering our human archives will probably still be subjected to Jay Manuel Naked of creator Tyra Banks screaming, "We were all rooting Mauel you.

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Who the fuck was the mole.

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The Girls had a lesson with Dita von Teese in burlesque at which Jaeda and Anchal struggled, Caridee and Melrose Natalie Pandorf Naked to hard and looked "too Stripper" while Amanda and Eugena did well. The contestants were put Jay Manuel Naked the test by walking down the dinner table of Elite Models director Cathy Gould Jay Manuel Naked her dinner party. Named won her third challenge and brought Amanda, Michelle, Jay Manuel Naked Brooke for a Seveneteen magazine editorial spread photo shoot as her reward.

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